FAME Female Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Do you want to work at the forefront of industries of the future where you can literally see your work
take off? Then aircraft maintenance engineering may be the perfect career for you!

Aviation Australia is excited to showcase the FAME (Female Aircraft Maintenance Engineer) program. FAME is an aviation industry-first initiative designed to support and nurture our future female aircraft maintenance engineers as they build their careers in a traditionally male-dominated field. This is an opportunity for you to lead the change and be part of the growing female engineering community. We want to increasing female participation in the aircraft maintenance engineering workforce across Australia, by providing students with support from key networks and industry throughout their studies. The industry average for female tradespeople across Australia can be less than 5% in some trade areas.

Embedded within the CertIV Aeroskills course, the FAME program is available for all females enrolled at the Aviation Australia Brisbane, Darwin and Cairns campuses.

What does the FAME program provide?

Increased female participation in the workforce

Dedicated industry support and mentorship

Work experience opportunities

Expands student's personal brand and network

3 Female Engineers

Study to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s fundamental purpose is to ensure aircraft are safe and airworthy to fly. No aircraft takes off without being certified to do so by an engineer.

If you enjoy finding practical solutions to complex problems and knowing how things work, then this might be the career path for you.

These Certificate IV Aeroskills courses are designed to ensure that graduating students will leave apprenticeship-ready.

FAME 2023 Graduate – Whitney

For Whitney, planning a career in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering was never on her radar.

Her career choices seemed largely predetermined, however a fortuitous experience at an Aviation Australia Expo confirmed this is where she was meant to be.

“There are so many connections (that I’ve made) and had so much fun. It’s been a massive journey for me to be able to get where I am. That’s how I’ve found myself in this career, and it’s mine now” Whitney said.

Find out more about Whitney’s story and the initiatives that are providing opportunities to build a more inclusive and diverse aviation industry in the video.

FAME 2023 Graduate – Sophie

Sophie grew up in an environment where she was encouraged to have a go at everything.

You only need to spend a few moments with Sophie to know this philosophy has been the driving force which now propels her toward a career as an aircraft maintenance engineer (AME).

Choosing to be an AME is not merely a job, “It’s a truly global career and one which opens up a world of opportunities to travel, experience different cultures and work with advanced technology and some of the most iconic brands in aviation”, Sophie said.

For Sophie there’s now a world of potential and extraordinary possibilities to explore, which can all be traced back to that one simple decision, to “give it a go!”

Get to know a little more about Sophie and her journey in the video.

FAME 2023 Graduate – Angela

Angela is acutely aware of the prerequisites required to be a successful Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – she also knows to forge a career as LAME requires far more than manual dexterity, high attention to detail and advance problem-solving skills.

It starts with a passion, a relentless commitment to excellence and a drive to be involved in something that is greater than the sum of its parts. If you have passion, “It’s never going to be out of your league,” Angela said.

Check-out Angela’s personal story of falling in love with Aviation and what a career as a LAME means to her.

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