Pilot Courses & Training

Some people are born to fly. Aviation Australia is proud to be one of the country’s leading specialists in the delivery of pilot training, with a range of commercial pilot courses available.

Whether you’re just starting out in the industry and looking for pilot courses in Australia or you’re already working as a commercial pilot locally or overseas, we have specialised flight training options to suit your needs. We offer a full range of services from ab initio to advanced training courses.

After completing your commercial pilot training with Aviation Australia, you will be industry ready with a strong commitment and focus on safety.  Aviation Australia offers a range of pilot courses, including career starter and career enhancer courses, to suit all skill levels and career paths.

Courses to suit your experience

Career Starter

If you have a passion for aviation and want to become a pilot, we have the courses available to jump start your career.

AVI50222 - Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence - Aeroplane)

AVI50519 - Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating)

Skills Recognition (RPL)

Basic Pilot Aptitude Assessment

Career Enhancer

If you’re already working as a commercial pilot, we have a range of specialised training options to suit your needs.

Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC)

AVI60219 – Advanced Diploma of Aviation (Pilot in Command)

Recurrent Pilot Refresher Training

Airline Preparation

Jet Introduction and Orientation Courses

Advanced Pilot Aptitude Assessment

Steps to becoming a Pilot

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) details the most up to date information in the process to become a pilot.

Please follow this link to the CASA website for full details.

Career Opportunities

Your Pilot Career can take you across the country or even around the World!

There are growing number of opportunities in the commercial aviation sector including

  • Airlines
  • Defence
  • Freight and Logistics
  • Flight Instruction and many more!

The CASA Pilot Career Guide 2021 is a great reference tool to which leads you through the many pathways available.