Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s fundamental purpose is to ensure aircraft are safe and airworthy to fly. No aircraft takes off without being certified to do so by an engineer. It’s a role people don’t often think about, however, it’s one of the most crucial roles when it comes to the safety and viability of the aviation industry. If you enjoy finding practical solutions to complex problems and knowing how things work, then this might be the career path for you.

Learning about the technology behind the aircraft systems and fixing them makes for a fascinating and rewarding career. Aviation Australia offers a range of aircraft maintenance engineering courses, including career starter and career enhancer courses, to suit all skill levels and career paths.


Why become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?

  • Well paid job outcomes for a global qualification, especially if you become licensed
  • Stable career with job security
  • Jobs are in demand worldwide
  • Work anywhere in the world
  • Career growth opportunities
  • Always something new to learn in this industry
  • Opportunities for travel are plentiful
  • Work with the latest technology
  • Use hand-on skills
  • Work in a team environment

Courses to suit your experience

Career Starter

Range of specialised engineering courses to provide you with the skills and knowledge to enter the Aviation Industry.


Apprenticeships & Traineeships

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (EASA)

Career Enhancer

Our Career Enhancer courses provide the perfect solution to keep your Aircraft Maintenance Engineering career moving forward.

Part 145 Training

Part 66 Training & Short Courses

Part 66 Examinations & Study Material

Skills Recognition (RPL)