Venues & Facilities Hire

Aviation Australia’s world-class facilities are available for hire. Hiring through Aviation Australia requires no capital outlay, provides immediate access to advanced training
 equipment and reduces associated labor costs.


Flight Safety Training Centre – Brisbane

Aviation Australia’s Flight Safety Training Centre is located at 15 Boronia Road, Brisbane Airport. Most Australian airlines and some International airlines, hold regulatory approval to use the facility for emergency procedure training.

Facility Dry Hire

  • A range of operational and dedicated training aids including two aircraft cabin simulators, a narrow body and a wide-body to simulate real conditions for cabin crew in emergency situations
  • Slide concourse
  • Various aircraft doors such as Boeing 737, 747, 767, 787 and 777 aircraft as well as Airbus 320 and 330
  • Aircraft evacuation slides and inflatable safety rafts
  • Ditching pool with the capability of housing several rafts
  • Smoke and Fire training

Classroom Hire

  • 11 classrooms complete with data projectors
  • Office space
  • Two large auditoriums
  • A large boardroom

Technical Training Centre – Brisbane

The Technical Training Centre includes:

  • 17 classrooms complete with data projectors and smartboards
  • Resource library
  • Internet-enabled computer resources for study and remedial learning
  • Workshops – Avionics, Hydraulics, Composites and General Engineering
  • Hangar with operational aircraft
  • A wide range of aircraft such as a Fokker F28, Boeing 727, Bell 206 Helicopter, Robinson 44 Helicopter, Cessna 152, Piper Seminole, Pressurised Piper Navajo, Beechcraft Kingair
  • A dedicated stores facility housing various tools and equipment

Cairns Aviation Skills Centre

Available for hire, the Cairns Aviation Skills Centre facilities include:

  • 2 classrooms complete with data projectors and smartboards
  • 5 standard classrooms
  • A conference room
  • Office space for hosted training providers
  • Internet-enabled computer resources for study and remedial learning
  • Student amenities including a lunchroom with kitchen facilities